Investigations into the recent fire outbreak at Accra Academy has revealed that the fire was started by one of the students.

The late-night fire incident happened at about 7:30 pm on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Disturbing videos circulating on social media gives a sorry account of structures being razed down by a thick wildfire.

A social media user has explained that the fire was started by a student whose identity is not yet known.

According to him, the student poured petrol on the newly renovated dormitory block before setting it ablaze whiles his other colleagues were at preps studying.

His full post reads: “In Accra Academy: A 16-year-old student has actually poured petrol over everything in his house while mates were out at studies and burnt down a newly renovated school dormitory”.

See screenshot below:

The question being asked by netizens was why and what was the reason why he decided to burn down the building.

The user who shared the information explained that the student in question has a mental problem.

See screenshot below: