There is nothing more powerful than love, so it’s loss is equally powerful, but in the negative. This makes you human, it would be much sadder if you didn’t care about a loved ones passing.

The death of a loved one can hurt intensely because “we” the living miss them, love them and wish they weren’t dead.

The doctorate student in Philadelphia was murdered while sitting in her car in front of her home, Daily Mail reports.

The shooter, a man, walked up to the vehicle and shot her several times. The police have not found a motive and have made no arrests.

Doctorate student, Najeebat Sule was shot dead in Philadelphia, United States, the police remain clueless about the gunman.

No arrest has been made as the gunman remains at large.

She was pursuing a doctorate, reports said.

However, miss Sule had only recently earned a Master’s degree in public health from West Chester University and was pursuing a doctorate.

The sound of gunshots drew Adewale Sule outside, where the 24-year-old daughter he’d raised to be a beauty pageant finalist and aspiring Ph.D. student had just pulled up in her car to her parents’ Philadelphia home after she’d slept at a friend’s home.