22-year-old Oyoko school student


A self-declared Game Boy has defended the killing of a 22-year-old Oyoko school student who is also a Game Boy in Kumasi last week in his Benz.

For allegedly underpaying his fellow internet scammers, Kwabena Asumadu, also known as T-Lanez, was gunned down in his Benz.

Publicly, a confessed Game Boy has defended the unfortunate scenario as it continues to be discussed on the street.

To him, the 22-year-old Oyoko school student was deserving of death since he was being dishonest with his colleagues when a deal they worked on yielded outstanding profits, according to his TikTok video.

In this game, he said, one person “sitting” on money that should be shared by everyone hurts.

Finally, the Game Boy promised not to take advantage of the 22-year-former old’s coworkers if he returned to this realm in the future.

Below is a video;