Kumawood is regarded as one of the biggest movie industries in Africa. The movie industry has been very productive for the past 2 decades. A lot of great talents have been brought up by the movie industry. The famous actor Bill Asamoah is not an exception.

Bill Asamoah is a Kumawood actor, a movie producer, and a businessman. He has been featured in over 100 movies in the Kumawood movie industry. He is one of the best actors that the movie industry has seen in recent years. He is such a talented and creative actor. His contribution to the development of the Kumawood movie industry cannot be taken for granted. He has really done a great job in the movie industry.

Bill Asamoah is one of the actors in the movie industry who always keep their life private. Much isn’t known about Bill Asamoah. Bill Asamoah was born in the early ’70s and he is 49 years old now. He is a family man who is happily married to Mrs. Marian Boakye and they have three kids together.

Check out some stunning photos of Bill Asamoah, his wife, and 3 beautiful kids;