Kasoa has become an attraction center with bad news nowadays. People are stealing belongings, killing and other bad things that the nation does not like and the Security personnel must tighten their security before it’s too late.

The two boys who killed a ten years old boy last week have been sent to court today to be judged by their evil acts.

These boys explained a lot at the court and all was the influence of the Mallam who is in the Volta Region of Ghana they saw on one of the tv stations in the nation.

According to the report that has been coming out after the court ruled, these boys were told to bring a virgin and five thousand Ghana cedis and they will be rich forever but if they failed they will go mad. So these boys were afraid and all they could do was to kidnap this innocent ten years old boy and killed him.

The nineteen years boy was ruled and will be jailed but the Seventeen years boy, the court said the family must bring his certificate for verification before they can judge him