This is really a sad experience for anyone to go through. Watching armed robbers shoot another person to death can be heartbreaking for anyone to bear. A traumatized woman is currently in tears after four armed robbers on two motorbikes shot a young lady in her presence in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The woman who prefers to remain anonymous due to security reasons is one of the numerous traders at the Maxima junction in the Ashanti Region, the spot where four armed robbers shot a young lady in the neck and snatched her handbag. The shop of the trader was still opened when the sad indecent happened.

She could see the armed robbers confronting the young lady who was waiting for a commercial vehicle at the junction with guns, but there was nothing she could have done to help save the situation due to fear for her life. According to her story, the maxima junction is one of the spots known for rampant armed robbery attacks but this is the first time she is experiencing a deadly attack that has taken the life of another person.

Maxima junction

She could only go close to the scene after the armed robbers had left the scene, but the life of the young lady had already been taken. She is currently living in fear and does not know whether to operate her shop again or not because the armed robbers might strike again at any moment. “Robberies happen here almost every week but this is the first time I’m witnessing someone being shot, I’m afraid for my life”. The trader indicated.

But she is not the only person who is traumatized, another resident who is in the same neighborhood recounted that he experienced one person being robbed at gunpoint lately in the same area. These residents who have been traumatized require the services of a psychologist to be able to heal from the experiences they have had.

CCTV camera at Maxima junction

From the traumatized experiences, residents living at Maxima junction require maximum security to reduce the rate of armed robbery incidences in the area. The good news from the maxima junction robbery attack is that CCTV cameras have been installed on the street and the police can easily retrieve the recorded footage and identify the robbers for the laws to deal with them.