United States based Ghanaian journalist is at the back of the ministers of President Akufo-Addo. Kevin insists that some of the ministers though they passed vetting are not deserving of those positions. He threw had words at the Minister for Education for trying to destroy the Ghanaian Education Sector.

“He was acclaimed to be the smartest person. We were told that he is an educationalist with a great school in the United States so he can help Ghana. Now, as Education Minister he can’t even decide whether dreadlocked students should be allowed to go to school.

Yaw Adutwum is just a braggart who knows nothing. To make Ghanaians accept him the NPP started spreading good reports about him. This preparation started in 2016 and it was meant get him ready for the political market.

He doesn’t know anything. His school (New Designs Charter School) in the US is one of the worse. It has bad reviews. The school doesn’t even have one star. I dare Ghanaians to go and google and check the school. He is a failure and he will mess the education sector” Kevin said.

According to Kevin, even after so much propaganda to promote Yaw Adutwum he has turned out to be a flop. He noted that the so called great school of Yaw Adutwum in the US is a ghetto school with long haired students and wondered why Adutwum cannot allow dreadlocked students in Ghanaian schools. He called for the minister to be called to order because he has failed so far.

It can be recalled that it was Kevin who sat on this same platform to promote Hon. Yaw Adutwum among those to be vetted. He maintained then that Adutwum and Mustapha Ussif were the only ministers deserving to be approved. It is surprising that he has turned around to blacklist and bombard him

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