The Miss Ghana pageant is the oldest beauty contest in Ghana. The pageant was established by Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to provide an avenue for young Ghanaian women to empower their societies. The finals of the first edition of the pageant were held on 4th March 1957, thus two days before Ghana was declared independent.

The Trans-Volta Togoland, now called the Volta region made an indelible history by winning the first-ever Miss Ghana via 22-year-old damsel, Monica Amekoafia. The winner of the contest was qualified to represent Ghana on the bigger platform called Miss world. An opportunity Monica Amekoafia and a few other subsequent Miss Ghana winners declined.

However, the likes of beauty queens like Martha Araba Vroom, Lovell Rosebud Wordie, Martilda Aku Alomatu and star Nyaniba Annan went ahead to compete in the Miss world after they won the Miss Ghana. Check out how these former beautiful women looks now.

Inna Patty – Miss Ghana 2004

Efia Owusuwaa Marfo – 1998

Manuela Medie – Miss Ghana 1995

Martilda Aku Alomatu – Miss Ghana 1994

Sheila Azuntaba – Miss Ghana 1996

Shaida Buari – Miss Ghana 2002

Hamamat Montia – Miss Malaika 2006

Benita Golomeke – Miss Ghana 1997

Image credit: alamy