“This Is No Longer a Religion” – This is What A Pastor Was Caught Doing To Members In Church


In Christianity it is believed that pastors are supposed to be a representative of God on earth. They are the ones who are supposed to spread the gospel on earth because God will not come down from heaven to speak to people for himself.

Things have become otherwise nowadays, a lot of pastors are just after financial gains, and they now compete in using the latest cars, a big mansion and marrying beautiful wives. The men of God of the old days, especially the past prophets, never behaved this way, they didn’t allow the worldly materials to distract them from their Lord.

This is all about a man who calls himself a pastor that was filmed by some members of the church doing the unthinkable to his members. He decided to give holy water to his congregation with the belief that it would work wonders.

The pastor in question removed his clothes and trousers, he stepped into the water which was filled inside a big blue tank. While he was naked, he got into the water with his bare foot and started speaking in tongues.

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