Three Historic Weddings That Has Hit Ghana So Far


Weddings are memorable events in the life of couples. Most wemen in Ghana observe marriages as achievements and always wish their male partners offer them a befitting wedding.

For some time now, Ghana has witnessed several weddings but there are some outstanding ones which will forever go into history.

We have gathered these three wedding ceremonies that took over the country with almost everybody talking about them.

Kennedy Osei and Tracy’s wedding

This particular wedding will forever go down in history as one of the best weddings in the country.

Kennedy Osei is a son to Despite Group of Companies boss, Mr. Osei Kwame Despite.

Pictures of their historical wedding was all over the country with almost everyone talking about it.

Fleet of different cars that has not been seen before were released from the garage of Osei Kwame Despite to be used for the wedding.

A drone delivered the wedding ring with numerous bridemaids sorrounding Tracy Osei.

Obviously, the history of weddings cannot be written in Ghana without mentioning Kennedy Osei and Tracy Osei.

35 year old marries 97 year old Man

Akua Asabea who was only thirty five years of age gracefully accepted to marry a ninety five year old Agya Gyan at Obuasi.

Their marriage became the talk of town with many media houses reporting the event.

The two were featured in several interviews both in the print and electronic media.

Many were at a lost on why a young woman will agree to marry a man old enough to be her father.

But she ingnored all the rants and went ahead to have a historic wedding with Agya Gyan.

This wedding has also gone into history as one of the most memorable events in Ghana.

Richard Agu and Benedica’s wedding

A young military man, Richard Agu was in the news some weeks ago. The wedding which happened at Obuasi became controversial after Comfort Bliss, a supposed ex-girlfriend of Richard Agu demanded a repayment of some thirty thousand Ghana Cedis he spent on Richard Agu before his entry into the military.

The wedding happened peacefully with a promise by Richard Agu to pay back all the monies owed Comfort Bliss.

The wedding became the talk of town with many expressing mixed reactions about it.

This wedding has also gone down in history as one of the most memorable weddings so far in Ghana.