Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend sues him, demands $30M for breaking up with her

Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend sues him, demands $30M for breaking up with her

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend accuses him of tricking her into packing a bag and leaving their shared house before locking her out, according to a complaint she filed.

Attorneys representing Erica Herman, who started dating the golfer in 2017, claiming she is owed $30 million (£25 million) because of how abruptly she was kicked out of the residence.

She is requesting the cancellation of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed with Mr Woods in a different dispute.

Mr Woods’ 47-year-old representative was unavailable for immediate response.

There has been no official announcement of the couple’s separation. Since attending the US Open tennis event in New York in August of last year, they have not been spotted together in public.

The Woods Jupiter in Florida, where Ms. Herman, 38, had previously worked for the 15-time major champion.

Yet, none of these accusations are detailed in her court case.

Her lawyers claim that Ms. Herman is unsure of “what other facts about her own life she may communicate or with whom” at this time.

A BBC request for comment did not immediately elicit a response from her lawyer, Benjamin Hodas.

Throughout the previous six years, Ms. Herman had frequently been spotted by Mr. Woods’ side, including during his recovery from a serious automobile accident that, at first, seemed to have the potential to end his golf career.