Turkey Butt No Dey Shake – Salma Mumin Trolled As Alleged Top-Up Butt Refuses To Shake In Her Tw*rking Video

Actress and socialite Salma Mumin has spurred social media reactions after being sighted in a controversial video.

Salma is seen in a video trying to tw*rk but it was not working out. Her butt stayed motionless no matter how she tried.

She is seen with a friend who did quite better getting her a$$ to move.

Salma Mumin

And it’s perplexing that Salma suffered in vain despite wearing a body-hugging outfit.

However, social media users claim that Turkey’s goods are stable.

Salma is said to have had a top-up on her butt to elevate it, but they are still not shaking like natural butt bounces.

And Salma appears to be deformed, as her nyash grows longer but her thighs and legs remain the same size.

Watch the video below;