“Twene Jonas has been sacked from work, evicted from his home & wanted for deportation” – Hopeson Adorye drops exclusive info [Video]

Ghanaian politician Hopeson Adorye has sort to shed light on why social media crusader Twene Jonas has gone into perpetual hiding.

According to him, Twene Jonas has been residing in the United States with wrong papers thus the police are looking for him for deportation.

Speaking in a video that kinda explains his mission in the US, Mr Hopeson Adorye added that the Ghanaian youth must not be fooled by the cosmetic social media shenanigans exhibited by Twene Jonas where he has succeeded in influencing and polluting the minds of many.

According to him, Twene Jonas has gone into hiding, sacked from his job, evicted from where he has been squatting and has been left with no option than to coil back into his humble shell. However, Twene Jonas has always maintained that he is in the US legally and has not used any dubious means to get in there.

Does Twene Jonas live a fake life? Is everything he shows and brags about real and legit? Why are many people waiting anxiously for his downfall?

These are the unanswered questions on the minds of many Ghanaians.

Check Out The Video Below

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