According to Angel FM correspondent from Sunyani, one man by name Swanzo has beaten two Soldiers to near death yesterday at Sunyani.

Manuel explained that, Swanzo allegedly went to steal the phone of a lady at Sunyani New Town. The woman then called his brother who is a Soldier to come and collect the phone. The soldier arrived with one of his colleagues.

Upon arrival, they went straight to the house of Swanzo. Swanzo who is an Alleged hardened criminal grabbed the two military men and got them Beaten severely.

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He held them by the neck and brought them by the road side in Sunyani and gave them another hot beaten. The soldiers who were weak and nearly died started running away.

Onlookers took videos of the scene and sent it to Angel TV for News . According to the correspondent, Police have arrested two of the gangsters and could process them for court.

Was is the duty of the soldiers to go and collect the phone ? What do you say about the action of Swanzo?

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