This world is full of surprises. The world never seemed to stop surprising every day. The youth do not allow the young girls to grow and the old to is doing the same. From the footage, a 72years old man was caught keeping two teenage girls in his room. This 72years old who can be the great-great-grandfather of these children was caught having affair with these kids.

Two kids who would probably be around 18 and 19years were given an easter break to go home. But these kids opted to go home and went to these 72years old man. Why would these girls do not that? What would probably be the reason they went to the 72years old man who could be their great great grandfather. It appeared the 72years man has been having a fair with these kids for quite sometime. Someone gave the hint to the authorities.

The authorities came and caught the two girls in bed with the 72years old man in what appeared to be a three-something. The authorities gave the man to the police. 72years old man instead of you to protect the kids and advise them, you are rather enjoying them.