It is however sad how armed robbers and thieves have graduated to stealing items and robbing innocent people even in a broad daylight without any fear of being caught or arrested.

News Of Theft and robbery incident have been hitting us day in day out from all angles across the globe. Just few days back, Ghana recorded a broad daylight robbery which happened in kasoa leading to the death of the victim as the robbers shot him death after taking away his money.

But one way or the other, some suspects do not get as easy as they could imagine as some victims consult gods to deal with them mercilessly. Lately, bees have become the new police officers in town as they are now been contracted by spiritual people to arrest thrives.

Somewhere in last month, a man was arrested by a swarm of beers after he stole a car and news reaching me today also has it that, two thrives have been arrested and marched to the victims house by a swarm of bees after the victim had gone to consult a witch doctor after the painful looting of her items(a gas cooker and a flat screen tv), and the priest unleashed the bees on the thief

The incident which is however sad following how the thieves were suffering happened in one of the African countries, Kenya.

In a photo that has been making rounds on social media, pain and shame were boldly written on the face and other parts of the thieves as they returned the stolen items to the owner.

A crowd gathered around him in amazement, while others take photos of him with their smart phones.

See photos below