UTV finally remove McBrown’s photos from United Showbiz to confirm her exit


Never doubt it when you are told that in every rumour, there is an iota of truth somewhere. You may ignore it at your peril.

Following the widespread speculations and some keen observations made by GHPage, we can say on authority that truly, Nana Ama McBrown has parted ways with the Despite Media Group, owners of United Television.

A fortnight ago, it was reported that McBrown – who has been the host of the show for almost 3 years – has parted ways with UTV, and had reportedly been replaced by MzGee.

The rumours grew rife on social media after McBrown’s multiple weeks of absence from the screens, even though the reports had been treated as mere speculations. But it’s now evident that MzBrown will not be returning to hosting duties.

Avid viewers of the show would attest that Empress McBrown was the face of the station’s flagship entertainment show ‘United Showbiz’ since its inception in 2020.

Her images were all over posters which were widely distributed on social media ahead of the weekend. The show’s montage had her face while her picture was also boldly displayed on a giant screen in the background during the show.

But on Saturday, March 11, 2023, it was observed that some minute things have seemingly changed about the show – with reference to the montage and interludes.

Watch the difference between McBrown’s old and MzGee’s new montage

The Montage: When McBrown was away in Germany to realign her dislocated arm following a domestic accident at home, she was assisted by temporal hosts who were rotated on a weekly basis until she resumed work.

Nothing about the show changed. Her face was still used on flyers alongside that of the guest hosts. The show’s montage remained the same as was since its inception.

However, the recent episode on Saturday saw McBrown’s face replaced with MzGee, which would have been highly unlikely to happen if McBrown will be returning.

Background display picture: