(+VIDEO) I will Le@k Your Nak3d Videos – Adu Sarfowaa To Nana Aba Anamoah


Actress and entrepreneur Adu Sarfowaa recently started throwing shots at Media personality Nana Aba Anamoah after claims that the Range Rover of the media practitioner belongs to his boyfriend who told her to go after Nana Aba.

In the latest development, Adu Sarfowaa has revealed that she would be dealing with Nana Aba for taking a car that belonged to his boyfriend and deceiving people that she bought it with her own hard-earned money.

Adu Sarfoaa taking to her social media handle revealed that she has nud3 videos of the TV Presenter and would bring it out for the whole world to see soon.

She further went ahead to reveal that she (Adu Sarfowaa) has the go-ahead to torment the life of Nana Aba from his boyfriend and will see to it that his boyfriend’s wish has been accomplished.

Watch the video below;