Video – Meet Queen Silla, The SHS 2 Girl With More Heavy Backside Than Hajia Bintu


It appears the Ghanaian social media space will have a lot of ‘Hajia Bintus’ in the next year or two.

Even though many will say that the social media sensation Hajia Bintu, who also happens to be a student of Koforidua Technical University is one of the most endowed young ladies in the space now, an SHS student called Queen Silla might take the crown soon.

While surfing the net earlier this morning, I chanced on some videos of this young lady who is beginning to take the internet by storm simply because she has one of those dunnas which is similar to that of TikTok star Hajia Bintu.

The well-endowed high school girl decided to announce herself in grand style with a video that has her dancing to AV’s ‘Big thug Boys’ and shaking her dunna to the delight of netizens.

From all indications, she is ready to battle the famous Hajia Bintu who obviously made a name for herself simply because of the enviable huge dunna she is always flaunting.

Queen has announced she is going back to high school so the real battle will begin when she gets back home on vacation.

check out some of her videos below…