Video of GH police officers begging and kneeling to ‘galamsey’ boys causes stir

A video on the internet tells the story of the helpless state of some, officers of the Ghana Police Service, begging and kneeling for illegal miners, or galamsey boys.

The content of the video tells a story of familiarity between the police officers in the area and the boys, whose occupation was to mine gold illegally.

The police officers, after they had tried to make an arrest, were stopped by these boys, who seemed to wield much power and influence.


At a point, one of the helpless police officers started appealing to their conscience by using their relationship as a bargaining chip for them to compromise.

The uniform of one of the police officers was seized, and to avoid further punishment, the police officer had to kneel before them as he pleaded profusely.

Many reacted to the video by stating their frustration about a police officer bowing and paying the utmost respect to civilians who they were supposed to arrest for their illegal activities.

At the scene which is reportedly in the Western Region was a police minivan stuck in the mud. The video has caused. astir on social media.