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Viral video: Pregnant woman gives birth in earthquake rubble in Syria

A pregnant woman gives birth in the rubble of an earthquake in Syria, and her newborn baby is rescued after spending a day trapped in the rubble.

A video of a woman giving birth under the rubble in earthquake-ravaged Syria quickly went viral on social media. The incident was reported from Syria’s Aleppo.


The pregnant woman is believed to have been trapped under the debris in the northeastern town of Jenderes for more than a day. She reportedly died soon after giving birth to the child, surrounded by the devastation caused by Turkey’s terrifying earthquakes.

The moment one eagle-eyed rescuer plucked the infant from under the rubble was captured on video.


With the newborn in his arms, the man was forced to navigate a maze of twisted metal, crumbling concrete, and barbed wire.

While another man races after him with a dusty green blanket, he carries the little girl to safety as she takes her first breaths. The comforter was hurriedly tossed towards the man so he could wrap the baby in it to keep her warm and alive.

Bystanders were seen in awe, bemused by the wonder of new life in the midst of destruction, as they watched the emotional rescue. The baby is now being cared for, but her parents were tragically killed in the earthquake.

As aid teams, emergency services, and locals race against the clock to find survivors, the baby’s rescue has become a symbol of hope. After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey on Monday, at least 1,602 people were killed and 3,500 were injured in Syria.



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