Video of Akuapem Poloo leaving the Accra Circuit Court shortly after being sentenced to jail for 90 days has surfaced on social media.

The actress and video vixen covered her face with a hoody ostensibly to avoid the lenses of court reporters who lurked around in droves as she takes her first steps to the prison.

Even though she hid her face from the cameras, it was pretty obvious the social media freak was a disturbed soul who would’ve loved to see the prayers of her peers who interceded for her answered.

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She was surrounded by police officers who directed her to the taxi that eventually whisked her away from the court’s premises.

It is not clear why the police used a taxi to carry a convict in such s case that has generated a lot of public interest.

Readers should however be assured that no matter what happens, we shall get to the bottom of the ‘why’ of the taxi.

Actress Rosemond Alade Brown, aka Akuapem Poloo on her way to jail after the sentence