Granny disciplines her Granddaughter for coming home late – Beating children as a form of discipline has always been debated all over the world.

Many Western countries are against it and according to them, it is abuse.

However, in Africa, it is not the same. Many people in Africa are used to receiving a beating when they cross their parents’ paths.

Well, A video of Granny disciplining her granddaughter is trending on social media. In the video, the grandmother keeps repeating the statement that her niece went out in the morning and comes home late and that’s being disrespectful.

The only problem is people cannot really see what the Granny uses to heat her with. Some say it’s a brick but others think she would not go that far.

Reacting to the video people are debating if what the gogo did is right or not. Some believe Africans need to heat their children to make sure they are well behaved.

Many African parents would obviously agree with this. On the other hand, others think it is abuse and it should not be allowed.

Well, Watch the video :