In furtherance of the moral decadence that has plagued our contemporary world, we have come across a video of a lady who was ‘taking it smoothly’ like a pro in a swimming pool from three different guys.

Although the video did not capture all the details to support this report, you do not have to stretch your imagination too wide to know exactly what unfolded in the pool.

According to the brief explanation attached to the video we sourced online, the guys insert their fingers down there in turn and

This report comes days after a Ghanaian couple was punished by the gods for blatantly disrespecting them with impunity by having sex in Lake Bosomtwi during a recent excursion.

According to sources, the couple together with other people believed to be their friends went on an excursion to the lake Bosomtwi to explore its beauty. However, the two love birds who had other plans up their sleeves allowed their libido to get the better of them and soon after, they were having sex in the water body.

Unfortunately, they got stuck in the process and that was when reality dawned on them that they have committed a taboo of a blunder.

After realizing the pain they were going through, they called their friends around who came to their rescue. The man was the one screaming the most as seen in the video. He begged for forgiveness and yelled that excruciating pain was unbearable.