It was a beautiful sight to witness when Ghanaian reggae and afro-dancehall artistes, Shatta Wale and Jupitar met at the beach of Miami, United States of America.
They were rumored to be cousins years ago but it appears they are just friends helping each other to survive in the music industry. Their friendship is one of a kind as they have never had to go at each other’s throats nor publicly ridicule themselves. They are genuine friends with clear intentions and plans for each other.

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In his recent project, Jupitar featured Shatta Wale. He recruited on the song titled ‘Starlife’ which is being regarded as one of the perfect songs on the 20 track-listed album. Apparently, there is another banger yet-to-be-released to the fans, a joint collaboration between Shatta Wale and Jupitar.

While in America conducting music business and cashing in, Jupitar sneaked in on him unannounced and we must admit, it was a beautiful scene to witness. Dressed in a pair of white socks, blue shorts and a white shirt, he walked through the crowd to meet Shatta Wale who was in a meeting with a group of businessmen. Upon reaching his spot, he lifted him up from his chair into his arms like a baby.

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They both goofed around the place and that sent their entourage into a state of laughter. Shatta Wale posed as a baby as he could be heard making baby sounds while in Jupitar’s arms.

Watch video below: