The Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin has affirm the decision of the president on not legalising LGBTQI+ in Ghana.

Today when the Australia High Commissioner to Ghana met the speaker, he made a statement that they are not trying to promote or encourage LGBTQI in the country but they know as times goes on, the culture will change and adapt the activity.

When he made this statement, the Speaker, Rt Hon Alban Bagbin said the Ghanaian society sees the LGBTQI activities as an abomination and therefore, it cannot be legalized in Ghana. He further added that the culture of our blessed country will always see this act as an abomination.

He told them that they cannot impose the LGBTQI on Ghana to accept it because Ghana cannot go to Europe and tell them to practice what they don’t like.

“We will definitely will not want to go to Europe and try to impose on them something like polygamy, we will not do that”. He added.

It seems all Arms of Government have oppose the legalization of LGBTQI in Ghana and the Speaker has been bold enough to tell our money lenders that it won’t be accepted in our Community.

What do you make of this, do you think the culture of Ghana will grow one day to adapt this LGBTQI in the country?