The current power outages in Ghana have been a great concern to many business men, media personalities, relevant stakeholders and ordinary citizens.

Power outages do not know the business or household of members of an incumbent government or opposition parties. It doesn’t discriminate like how rain falls on both the righteous and pagans.

Last night, most communities in the Greater Accra region experienced unprecedented light out (dumsor).

This unpleasant situation motivated one of the host of TV3’s New Day Show, Johnnie Beresford Hughes, to express his frustrations in respect of the current power crises Ghanaians are facing under the ‘competent’ leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

According to his sarcastic Facebook post, Ghanaians can not criticise the President for dumsor because ECG and GRIDCO have accepted the blame.

Therefore, Ghanaians mistakenly blamed Ex-President, John Dramani Mahama because we did not know dumsor was ECG and GRIDCO’s fault.

“We can’t blame Akufo-Addo for lights out. In the past, we did not know so we blamed Mahama, but now we know it’s ECG & GRIDCO’s call. Nana Addo is not blameable. Whew!”

He wrote this on Facebook today.