For almost a week now, the former president has been trending on social media, as some people criticize him for the things, he did in office while, others also praise him for the good he did.

Yesterday, a lot of Ghanaians on Twitter were very angry, with the former President’s office underground deals with a French billionaire named Vincent Ballorè, where the country gave his company a 900 million tax relief.

The issues of power outages popularly known as Dumsor in Ghana are on the rise, as people receive power cuts without any notice ahead.

Since yesterday, a news report hinted at the point that, GRIDCO is working with ECG to provide a timetable for power shedding.

This has gotten some Ghanaians on Twitter to write on their Twitter pages that, they want the former president, John Mahama back because they voted for this current government to solve their problems, but it seems their problem tends to increase.

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