Wendy Shay debuts new look after deleting all her pictures from Instagram

Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay has launched an all-new look on Instagram after deleting all her previous pictures from the page.

Unclear what necessitated her action, it can be recalled that the ‘Shay on you’ hitmaker took down every single post, a situation, which got her fans worried.

But the singer shortly after the decision posted a picture of herself rocking a new hairstyle and a fierce look.

She has flaunted her new dreadlocks which have been completely changed into blonde.

This happens to be the second time Wendy Shay has changed her looks as in the two previous instances, she was criticized for adopting a feisty look.

One can recall that sometime in 2020, Delay criticized Wendy Shay for resorting to wearing an extremely long ‘foot-length’ braids, more piercings at different parts of her body as well as decorating herself with multiple chains.

“Wendy Shay is my very own sister. We both come from the same place but lately, her dressing seems very weird to me. She’s got a lot of piercings and her style of dressing has become very strange these days. I think she is going through something. Wendy is going through some challenges. I think she is pressurized. I think someone or something is bothering her,” Delay earlier affirmed on social media.

Wendy Shay’s alleged repentance

It can be recalled that Wendy Shay in a bid to prove her true repentance has ditched all her numerous body piercings and all her skimpy clothes.

‘Repented’ Wendy Shay once disclosed in an interview with Okay FM’s Ola Michaels that her ‘born again’ lifestyle has necessitated the decision to do away with such numerous body piercings.

“All that I did to my body was just a phase. I have taken off all the studs in the piercings on my body. From the ones on my face to my belly, I have removed all. I want to start afresh. I live to please God now, not man,” She earlier stated.

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