I don’t know why this generation of ours keeps bringing up surprises each and every day. Day-in day-out, we see kids display certain acts which we do expect only adults to put up but guess what? They even do it in grand style.

We are in the computer world, not only have these kids been exposed to mobile phones, computers and televisions. They have also been exposed to the contents in these technological products as well.

This article of mine is about a post I saw on Twitter yesterday and in this post, the content raised many questions as to why that would happen.

Who took that picture? Was the person an adult? Could he prevent that from happening?

Well, let us go straight into the topic.

I was strolling through Twitter when I saw a tweet which caught my attention. What was this about? A Twitter user known as “@MoRRiSon_EvanCe” posted this picture and the caption even tells you something is wrong.

She thinks the parents of these kids are entertaining them and therefore who is she to talk about them? This is the problem we have in the country, everybody thinks they are not the right people to cause a change when things are not going on well.

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It seems these kids have fallen in love and they just don’t know what to do. Love is sweet, I guess.

There is no problem about them falling in love even though they are young. Like always, people have the freedom of choice. The only problem is the picture they took was bad and also, the message behind the picture didn’t show any positivity.

What are they indirectly communicating to other kids? Can they influence other kids to take up poses like this? How will other kids react when they see this?

Well in the picture, you see the hand of the boy at a place you wouldn’t expect him to get close. These kids are probably below the ages of 15 yet they felt comfortable taking this picture. What makes it weird is that, the boy didn’t just place his hands over “that place”. He applied a little pressure on them like a needle does to a fabric.

Never am I putting the blame on them. They have been exposed to certain things and thinks replicating it is cool.

This is how our system has been set up. We do see music videos which portray these acts on local television stations. These kids have been exposed to using mobile phones and computers and therefore, seeing things like these ain’t new to them.

After the Twitter post about these two kids, Twitter users couldn’t believe their eyes and decided to share their views on the issue. Trust me, the conversations this picture generated is overwhelming.

Take a look at some of them