“What Movie Is This, Title Anyone?”- Efia Odo Reacts To Agraada’s Worship Video


One person who has been in the news for the past one week is celebrity priestess Patricia Asieduwaa popularly known as Nana Agraada.

After been arrested for allegedly ‘scamming’ someone with a huge some of money, Nana Agraada was arrested by the Criminal Investigating Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service after the person lodged a complain against her.

Reports indicates she was able to scam people and the general public with her ‘Sika Gari’ mode of doubling money for her client of which many people including those she had scam says she just takes the money.

After spending a couple of days at the CID headquarters, Nana Agraada was released but will suffer some damages after the Police closed down her two televisions stations ; Thunder TV and Ice1 TV stating the license for the two television stations has expired.

The controversy continued when Nana Agraada held a press conference denouncing her ‘gods’ and her fetish priesthood to follow Jesus Christ. She changed her name from Patricia Asieduwaa to Evangelist Patricia Koranteng Oduro.

She led some renowned ‘Men of God’ to her Sowutoum resident where they destroyed her numerous deities trying to prove to the whole country that indeed, she’s ready to accept Jesus Christ.

But her repentance has been met with a lot of criticisms as many are stipulating she’s just ‘fooling’ the general public that she has repented because of the case at the police where they are willing to process her for court.

One person who seems to believe in what the general public is saying is Ghanaian model Efia Odo. Reacting to video of the now evangelist worshiping at her husband’s church, Efia Odo quizzed whether what was happening was a movie of not, “What movie is this ? Title anyone?“