Ladies nowadays no do everything to showcase themselves on social media for money and fame. As the popular saying goes that women love money and they can do whatever it takes to make money so far it is guaranteed.

This is the case of a lady who’s now trending online after her video went viral while dancing for money reasons in a public event, the video was posted on various social media sites.

The lady can be seen in her short ripped jeans with her friends who were cheering her on while she continued to put a bottle of beer in her mouth.

Just after it was uploaded online, the video has gain alot of popularity and has attracted a large number of reactions from the public. She was seen holding a bottle in the video as part of the game they seemed to be playing.

This video has upset alot of people because many of her friends where passing the bottle with each other and putting it in their mouth as well and this is very bad especially with the corona virus presently rocking the world right now.

The lady faced alot of criticism from the public especially the black people on social media who were angry that she stood so low by doing something like that all in the name of money, and her lack of morality.

She was also seen in the video requesting for all the men in the event to come closer to her and caress her, and she even requested for a man who can marry her.