AMG Medikal has been busted for lying about his age but what we are wondering is who he lied for whether his then-girlfriend sister Derby or current wife Fella Makafui.
Medikal in an interview with Delay in 2017 when he was in a relationship with sister Derby claimed he was 25yrs old and now that he’s married to Fella Makafui 4yrs later, he’s claiming to be 27yrs old.

Now, we have been wondering who he lied to suit whether is sister Derby who is 10yrs older than him, or Fella Makafui who is way younger than him so that the gap between their ages won’t be noticed so easily.

One thing is clear that he lied about his age but among these two women one whom he loved so much and another he is spending the rest of his life with now, who did he lied for so their age gap won’t be too obvious to see.

Could it be that he lied in 2017 so the age gap between him and sister Derby won’t be that huge or he is lying about his age now for us to see that he and his wife Fella Makafui are age mate when in actual sense they aren’t?

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