Wife of the police officer who shot Maa Adwoa 5 times to death speaks


The mother of one was shot to death by her police inspector boyfriend who is a married man with kids.



According to sources, Maa Adwoa’s police inspector boyfriend accosted her for cheating on him and during a hot argument in the forecourt of Dufie Towers (Adum, Kumasi) he shot her 5 times to death

Reports suggest the name of the police officer is Mr. Darko (aka Taakum). The officer had worked with the Kumasi SWAT unit and was promoted to his current rank in December 2022.

He is a middle-aged man who has been in a relationship with the deceased for quite some time, supported her financially, and also provided for her needs most of the time.

According to those who were familiar with the relationship, the two were planning on getting married, and Maadwao had assured him of her commitment to the relationship.

The wife of the police inspector has spoken for the first time after the incident and according to her Maa Adwoa almost made her husband divorce her.

According to the wife, her husband was always fighting her because of Maa Adwoa.

She also claimed that even when she’s sleeping with her husband on the bed in the evening, he’ll ignore her to talk with Maa Adwoa on the phone till around 1 am.

This information was revealed by a presenter at Kessben FM who also alleged that before Taakum committed the heinous crime, he left home to lodge at the hotel for 6 days.