Today’s Generation seems not to be God-fearing at all. The youth who are supposed to hold on to God is now being influenced by the bad habits of the aged who led a notorious lifestyle. The youth nowadays are those posting nudes on social media platform whiles the aged are sitting idle doing nothing about it especially their parents. Have we forgotten Jesus Christ gave up his life so that we may be saved?

So is his death now useless? Do you know how disheartening if you do something for someone and the person doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge it? God is so kind enough, it’s time we hold on to our anchor. From the look of things, even evil deeds are now normal in the sight of Christians.

Do you know the number of people who died just today? Fellow beloved, Take christ now and resurrect from the bad deeds that draw you away from God. Don’t forget God is with you but you have to activate your Godly account by doing his will as you obey your earthly father. It’s not too late solemnly outpour your heart to him and you will see the promised land. The goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ takes control over you as you read🙏.

Parents and everybody should be self-aware of the tricky ways of the devil so that salvation may be ours.

The devil is soo bad to the extent that he can use you to do his work if you give him the chance and after using you, you will be found wanting. Let the bible be your early breakfast and late supper.

It’s time we give our lives to Christ because dying in sin is eternal death but dying in righteousness is eternal life, be wise and make a perfect decision so that you may be saved.

Questions that every living soul must answer before dying is; If I die today, will I be saved? Where will my spirit end up? Is my lifestyle pleasant to Christ? Do I have the Holly spirit? I’m I righteous?

After answering all this Questions assess your self and make your final decision. Heaven is our home but if you are drunk then you sleep outside your home there you will be tormented.