A 30-years old man has ended the life of his brother at Windy Lodge this morning. This sad incident was reported by some witnesses to the Winneba police station around 10 am about the murder of a young man named Ahmed who happens to be a Nigerian. Per the witness’s report, Ahmed and his brother Scorpion happen to be staying together for about 4 months now since December.

The tenants in the locality claim Ahmed has had several quarrels with his brother for some time now and most times their verbal arguments escalate into a physical fight. Despite them staying under a common roof, it was noticed that they often threaten each other with death and violence.

Yesterday was their climax with regard to their verbal argument after Ahmed had allegedly been accused by his brother of theft after his brother claimed to have lost his GH1500 and his iPhone X.

Several parties came in to calm down the situation and they parted ways that night. Scorpion vocalized certain threats to the deceased before leaving the house that night.

This morning, the scorpion was noticed around the compound at 7 am in the morning but no one questioned him about his sudden presence.

He left the house with some of his belongings including a suitcase and TV. The tenants claimed to have been tipped off by some children about the death of his brother after those children intentionally went to peep through their windows since they usually watch television there. Their lights were turned on so it made vision clear from outside. As the tenants entered, they said Ahmed was lying in a pool of blood. His body was sent to the hospital and later sent to the morgue for autopsy.

Police claim to be gathering more information about this incident and they are hoping to locate and arrest his brother, Scorpion, who is directly linked to this murder.