Contrary to earlier reports that the families of most of the TV3 Date Rush contestants don’t support what they are doing on TV by looking for wives and husbands on National Television, two of them have defied all odds and pressure to surprise Ghanians.

We all know that men usually put rings on the hands of females as a sign of marriage, promise or anniversary. This time round, this woman had this to say

” Giovanni, I know this is quite odd but I want to do it. It’s very small but I want him to see it and feel it. I want him to watch it and know that I love him” The female Who was already in a wedding gown walked towards the seat of the Man and placed the ring on his finger. Eeeeeeei !!!! ???

This has gotten many people talking that this time Bones have started chasing dogs instead of dogs chasing Bones.

Well, what else can we say ? It’s their choice and rights. Lets keep quiet and observe and know what their families will say after watching that weird scene on TV3.