Believe it or not, a woman is set to divorce her husband for obviously the most ridiculous reason ever.

The woman, while addressing the issue to a social media counsellor, disclosed that she finds it weird that her husband has not cheated on her or heard a rumor that he has a side chic.

Interestingly, she said her concern is not to suggest that she wants him to cheat but she believes real men are controversial and that trait is missing from her man.

She stated;

“I am a lady aged 29 and I have been married for 5 years with a son. my problem is that Since my husband got married to me, he has never cheated on me and I feel like he is not a real man.

I am not saying that he should cheat on me, but even a rumor that he has a girlfriend somewhere would have been better. Why is he not like other men? Please advise me because I am planning to leave him.”

See screenshot below