You are relying on rings for protection – Kevin Taylor tells Prez Nana Addo

Kevin Taylor, a US-based journalist and CEO of Loud Silence Media, has expressed surprise that President Nana Addo is building a National Cathedral while relying on rings for protection.

Since taking office, the President has been photographed wearing two rings on his right and left fingers.

Though the reason for him wearing two rings is not widely known, some people believe it has a spiritual significance because it is unusual to see people wearing rings on both hands.

On the other hand, the National Cathedral has been a source of contention for some time, with people complaining about the large sums of money spent on the site with no results.

Kevin Taylor, who has been criticizing the current President and his administration, took to social media to express his confusion about why someone who is constructing a cathedral to worship God is wearing rings for protection.

“Akufo Addo claims to be building a Cathedral for God, but he’s relying on a Ring for protection The thing is unclear oo #Focus,” he wrote.

See the screenshot below: