Young lady disowned by family for dating her twin brother (+Video)

A lady has stirred emotions after she publicly admitted to dating her own twin brother in a video that is fast going viral.

The lady identified Nmaroseeva shared loved videos of herself and her twin brother now turned boyfriend and revealed that she is in an amorous relationship with her twin brother.

According to Nmaroseeva, she and her twin brother have been disowned by their family after they engaged in the abominable act.

The lady made this known in one of her TikTok videos and it has since gone viral.

Nmaroseeva disclosed that people shouldn’t judge her and her twin brother for practising incest.

Her statements in the video reads;

“Dating my twin brother.
I’m sorry but no one should judge me.
He makes me happy.
If only you knew what we have been through.
We were disowned by every member of the family.”

See the video below;

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