A young loverboy got many talking as he showered gift on his girlfriend who is dressed in school uniform.

The young man caused a scene and stunned the young girl as he got her a new SUV car in a skit that has gone viral.

In a viral near-perfect comedy skit, a young loverboy took his love for his supposed girlfriend to a whole new height.

The video showed the young man surprising his girlfriend with a brand new SUV car as a gift.

The perfectly shot video is owned by a budding Instagram sensation with an IG name @debbydickson_ and available to atinkanews.net.

We notes that many people believe the video is real with a number of social media slamming the girl and her “boyfriend” who bought the car for her.

Many people thought the girl was too young to ride or own a car and slammed the man for the gift. Others wondered how the girl’s parents would react to the gift.

Watch the video below: