Your client is about to send you huge cash -Prophet Nigel Gaisie pray for Sakawa (VIDEO)


The leader and founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been captured in a video offering prayers to some fraud boys aka Sakawa boys who visited him for special prayers.

The video comes as a surprise to many as the only preacher in Ghana who is widely known for praying for sakawa boys in the country is no other than the leader and founder of International God’s Way Church Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim.

In the video sighted, Prophet Nigel standing in front of his church members where he told him to sow a seed he has never sowed in his life before.

According to Prophet Nigel Gaisie, he has seen that the guy’s chances of getting money from his clients have been blocked, and sowing a heavy seed would open up doors for him.

He requested that the guy sow a seed of 5000 Ghana cedis telling him not to worry about the amount because the amount he is going to receive is very huge.

The guy who is believed to be a Nigerian replied that he could sow a seed of 500 cedis but the Prophet made it clear to him that the said amount was small looking at the amount of money he is going to get.

After sometime, he told him he was going to pray for him but he should remember that after taking the huge money from the white woman, he is supposed to come back and sow the seed.

Watch the video below: