Zionfelix’s baby mama Minalyn reportedly goes back to him

Minalyn, Zionfelix’s first baby mama, has reportedly reconciled with the blogger-turned-YouTuber after publicly breaking up with him in a lengthy post on social media in January.

According to Mina’s lengthy post that went viral on social media, Zionfelix is now history to her because she has moved on and has no intimate relationship with him, claiming that he (Zionfelix) didn’t understand the value of gold (Minalyn), so she left to be with someone who does.

She however blamed Zionfelix for being the cause of their beautiful relationship because he opened the door and allowed another lady into their relationship.

Minalyn also revealed that Zionfelix impregnating Erica wasn’t a mistake but rather was premeditated.

Well, Mina has allegedly rekindled her old relationship with Zionflelix.

This juicy information was first shared on the internet by notorious IG blogger Tutugyagu online.

After Tutugyagu broke the news on the local digital space, Minalyn has also taken to her Snapchat page to subtly confirm the rumours.

In a fresh post, she insinuated that it’s Zion who can’t get over her – And she’s not the one begging for a comeback.

Watch the video below to know more…

Meanwhile, Zionfelix is yet to react to the trending reports of receiving his old romantic relationship with his first baby mama.

Social media users are also asking about the current state of Erica, Zion’s second baby mama who was in a comfortable lead until this new development.

As it stands now, Minalyn has had the last laugh despite suffering a series of humiliations on the internet.